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Why trust us for settlement agreement & employment law advice?

Settlement agreement & employment law advice from DPH Legal

David Harris - Owner of DPH Legal & senior employment lawyer

David Harris started DPH Legal 10 years ago to help employees that had been offered a settlement agreement either from a redundancy or dispute with their employer.

David noticed most clients wanted their settlement agreement signed and processed fast so they could get back on with their lives. This is the core of what DPH Legal do for their clients day in, day out in the UK, with their fees covered by the employer.

A small percentage of clients instruct DPH Legal's senior employment solicitors to negotiate their compensation and terms on their behalf. Compensation is only negotiated if DPH Legal are confident a positive outcome can be achieved.

On average DPH Legal's settlement agreement solicitors achieve an additional 25% to 50% increase on top of a client’s initial opening offer.

The majority of clients that approach the solicitors at DPH Legal are concerned that legal fees could exceed their employer’s legal fee contribution. 

For the initial settlement agreement advice and to quickly review and sign the agreement, the client pays nothing. The employer’s fee contribution will sufficiently cover the legal fees.

The settlement agreement process is designed for speed with no cost to the client and to ensure their future is not negatively impacted.

David and his team look forward to helping you move forward positively with your life.

David Harris and the employment solicitors at DPH Legal.

Mark Lafferty
Senior employment lawyer
John McConkey
Senior employment lawyer
Sarah Wilkinson
Senior employment lawyer
Samuel Gray
Senior employment lawyer
Farideh Moallemi
Senior employment lawyer
Vasha Maistry
Senior employment lawyer

Some of the employment law clients we've helped & advised

Benefits of our free settlement agreement advice

Our fees covered by your employer
Pay nothing for settlement agreement advice or for a review and signature.

Should you require us to negotiate your compensation on your behalf then additional fees will be made clear to you before we proceed any further.
Same-day settlement agreement advice
Our settlement agreement solicitors deal with agreements the same day.

Once reviewed and the advice progressed, we can have the entire process wrapped up within 7 days depending on the response of your employer.
 Compensation negotiated if needed
If you want to negotiate your compensation then we can help you. 

On average we obtain a 25-50% compensation increase from an opening offer.  We won't negotiate unless we are confident of a positive outcome. 

Our Simple Costs Guarantee

Our simple settlement agreement costs guarantee

For the initial settlement agreement advice and review, we guarantee not to exceed your employer's legal fee contribution.

Our 6-step process settlement agreement process


Call us or request a callback to get advice from our solicitors.


Send your settlement agreement to us for review.


We review your agreement and give you same-day advice.


If you’re happy with the terms, sign and send your agreement to us.


We liaise with your employer to conclude your agreement that same day.


Receive a copy of your finished settlement agreement.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you decide to negotiate the terms or compensation of your agreement, we’ll need to write to your employer to negotiate on your behalf. This can take up to 7 days.

Settlement agreement FAQ's

Will my employer's fee contribution cover your fees?

Yes. In most cases clients want their settlement agreements signed and processed fast without any negative impact on their future. Your employer's fee contribution will cover this.

How soon can you deal with my settlement agreement?

Once we have received your settlement agreement and one of our senior employment lawyers has spoken with you, we'll review your agreement and progress with it the same day.

Could my settlement agreement negatively affect my future?

Our initial review of your settlement agreement will highlight any terms or clauses that could negatively impact your future. Our settlement agreement solicitors will ensure your rights aren't signed away without your knowledge. We can negotiate on your behalf if necessary.

Will I end up with a large legal bill I can't afford to pay?

If you do not wish to contest any clauses then your employer's fee contribution will cover our costs, you will pay nothing. If we carry out any additional work then we will not exceed your employers contribution without your authority.

Our Simple Costs Guarantee

Our simple settlement agreement costs guarantee

For the initial settlement agreement advice and review, we guarantee not to exceed your employer's legal fee contribution.
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